Our Journey

Vancouver: PCMA Convening Leaders

In January 2016, the Global Beacon alliance, in partnership with PCMA, bought together some of the most respected event professionals from across the planet. The group consisted of experts and thought leaders from event planners, event venues and destinations; they were convened to discuss and debate the need and use of the Global Beacon Alliance.

The meeting confirmed without ambiguity the need for a central body to provide informational and governance around the use of Beacons at events and that the Global Beacon Alliance had the experience and the vision to be this body.

The Gobal Beacon Alliance will continue to work in partnership with PCMA and those who attended the meeting. From this initial exploration the movement it born.


IMEX Frankfurt April 2016

AT IMEX Frankfurt, the Global Beacon Alliance was able, for the first time, to unveil its plans for a global approach to the adoption of Beacons. We’ve worked with event organisers, venues and tech providers from around the world to create a structure for our organisation and we’re looking to hear the industry’s thoughts.

The Global Beacon Alliance has now been launched, we’re out there and we’re talking for and about Beacons so the industry can adopt this technology in a safe and secure way.

Next on the agenda

Watch this space, folks! 

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