About us

The drive for this initiative comes from a collective aim that the events industry needs to gain better control of the integration of new technology into events around the world.

For too long otherwise excellent and useful technology has been badly integrated into the events industry with no common standards, practices or protective measures. In this environment inconsistency in the areas of performance, finance and best practice are common, and create confusion and fear amongst event professionals.

The industry needs to take control of this growing trend and create a model that allows a fair, transparent and commercial marketplace where great technology can be made great for events.


Our Mission

To be an advocate for Beacon use in meetings and events; to create a tipping point for the market whereby Beacons can be integrated into events around the world in a safe and responsible way that adds value to the industry, and quality to the delegate experience.

Global Beacon Alliance Founders

The Global Beacon Alliance was created by Toby Lewis, Chief Executive of UK based event management company Live Group and Alistair Turner, Managing Director of event specialist PR and marketing agency EIGHT.

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