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Who is the Global Beacon Alliance for?



How can you ensure that what you bring into your venue is understood and valued by your clients? How can you ensure that you are offering the best possible service for your customers – without it costing your business thousands?

The Global Beacon Alliance is working with organisations across the supply chain to create a model that enables venues to offer Beacons in a commercial way at the best possible prices, whilst simultaneously giving event organisers confidence in new technology.


The Events Industry

How can you use Beacons to create better events and better experiences for your delegates, whilst collecting data that helps you adapt your content to your audience in real-time?

The events industry has found it difficult to integrate new technology in a standardised and consistant manner; the Global Beacon Alliance is created by event organisers to ensure technology can be easily integrated into events in a safe, secure and commercial way.


Technology Providers

The world of event technology changes everyday but Beacons are here to stay. How can you use Beacons to make the most of your products and services and help create the best possible events for your clients?

The Global Beacon Alliance is working with technology providers and app creators to offer valuable, informed guidance and advice to event organisers on the best way to use Beacons and other ground-breaking technologies in an event environment.

Are you an events professional, a technology supplier or the owner of a venue? We’d love to hear from you.

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